About Us

Jeff Bauer Canadian Woodworker

Jeff Bauer, Owner of WeCraftWood

Making quality products for people to enjoy.

That’s our goal, Pure and simple.

I’ve been self employed for most of my life. Some jobs are much better than others, but woodworking has always been my passion.

When you love your work the saying is true, “when you do something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

My work caught the attention of a highly skilled carpenter in Annapolis Royal, and when he asked me to work with him, it was a dream come true. We worked mostly on heritage buildings, within the Annapolis town limits. Restoring antique homes back to their former beauty.

Learning to dissect and rebuild the work of real craftsmen teaches you a lot. The ingenuity and care, the time and labor invested, it can’t be replaced by a CNC machine.

The joinery technique, the tool usage, was all invaluable experience for me working with top notch craftsmen.

But the most beneficial thing was learning how to think through a project to the final piece. Understanding the concept of what needed to be done so that none of the craftsmanship was lost. This is the most valuable thing I learned from them and the thing I endeavor to carry forward in my own work.

Then I married the other love of my life, Shallin.

She brings a spark to every part of my life. Her ideas push me to create, problem solve, innovate.

Raw materials to finished product. If I can visualize it, it’s as good as done. And with the help of my very creative wife the ideas keep coming. I appreciate elegant simplicity of design. But elaborate and intricate is fun too.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted but never found, we should be able to make it happen.